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Jobs By Title
Public Health Laboratory Director
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Manager, Atlanta Office
Administrative Officer 5 - Assistant State Registrar
Advanced Fellowship in Health Services Research
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Program Manager
Analyst I, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
Analytic Epidemiologist
Antibiotic Stewardship Program Coordinator
Antimicrobial Stewardship Epidemiologist 1
App Development and Integration Support Lead
Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Communications
Assistant Director for Environmental Health - Public Health
Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Public Health Laboratory
Assistant Director, Bureau of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology
Assistant Director, Hypertension Initiative, Bureau Chronic Disease Prevention
Assistant Director, OSH
Assistant Director, Social Determinants of Health
Assistant Laboratory Manager
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor (SSRI); College of Social Sciences Health Policy Initiative
Assistant Professor in Biostatistics (Tenure-Track)
Assistant Professor of Public Health Science - Health Informatics
Assistant Professor, Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine
Assistant Program Manager
Assistant Project Director
Assistant Research Scientist
Assistant/Associate Lecturer or Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor of Health
Assistant/Associate Professor in Cancer Prevention Tenure Track-UTMB/MD Anderso
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Biostatistics
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Cancer Epidemiology
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Epidemiology
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Health Management
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Maternal and Children Health
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor; Social Sciences Health Policy Initiatives
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Associate Director of Program Implementation
Associate Director, Center for Advancing Healthy Communities (CAHC)
Associate Director, Human Resources
Associate Principal Scientist
Associate Principal Scientist - Epidemiology
Associate Project Director
Associate Research Scientist (2022-10)
Associate Scientist I, Population Science
Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor
Biological Scientist II
Biostatistician/Senior/Junior; Health Data Analyst, Epidemiologist
Business Analyst/ Public Health Consultant
Cancer Screening Programs Unit Manager (Program Manager I)
CDC Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Prevention Research Fellowship
CDC Alzheimer's Disease and Healthy Aging Fellowship
CDC Application Programmer
CDC Applied Epidemiology and Surveillance Fellowship
CDC Arthritis Research Fellowship
CDC Bioinformatics and Computer Science Fellowship
CDC Biostatistician - REMOTE
CDC Birth Defects Surveillance and Research Fellowship
CDC Birth Defects Surveillance and Research Summer Fellowship
CDC Cancer Cluster and Regional Activity Tracker (CCARAT)
CDC Cannabis Strategy Fellowship
CDC Climate and Health Program Analyst Fellowship
CDC Clinical and Environmental Microbiologist Fellowship
CDC Clinical Chemistry Fellowship
CDC CLOSH Student Internship in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
CDC CMV State Based Surveillance Fellowship - MeRC Team
CDC COVID-19 Response Fellowship
CDC Disease Surveillance Fellowship
CDC Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship
CDC Drowning and Older Adult Falls Fellowship
CDC Drug Free Communities Fellowship
CDC Elemental Analysis Fellowship
CDC Emergency Operations Planning Fellowship
CDC Enteric Diseases Genome Comparison and Sequence Data Analysis Fellowship
CDC Enteric Diseases Surveillance and Response Fellowship
CDC Epidemiologic Surveillance Fellowship
CDC Epidemiology in Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergency...
CDC Fellowship in Critical Appraisal and Evidence-based Decision Making
CDC Fellowship in Drug-resistant Fungi Epidemiologic Data Analyses
CDC Fellowship in Fungal Identification and Susceptibility Testing Training
CDC Fellowship in Local Area Monitoring and MNRH Data Visualization Analysis
CDC Fellowship in Understanding Emergence of Azole-resistant Aspergillus...
CDC Global Immunization Division Economic Evaluation Training Fellowship
CDC Global Immunization Workforce Development Fellowship
CDC Global Public Health Laboratory Fellowship
CDC Health Communication Specialist Fellowship
CDC Health Communications and Partnership Development Fellowship
CDC Health Communications Internship
CDC Health Equity Fellowship
CDC Health Scientist Researcher Fellowship
CDC HIV Cluster Detection and Response Fellowship
CDC Import Permit Program Data Analyst Fellowship
CDC Informatics Fellowship
CDC Informatics Specialist - REMOTE
CDC Injury Epidemiology and Data Science Fellowship
CDC JavaScript Developer - REMOTE
CDC Laboratory Animal Training Fellowship
CDC Laboratory Research for Molecular Surveillance of Malaria Control Fellowship
CDC Maternal and Child Nutrition Fellowship
CDC Maternal, Newborn, and Reproductive Health in Emergency Settings Fellowship
CDC Mathematical Statistician Fellowship
CDC Mathematical Statistician Postdoctoral Fellowship
CDC Mental Health Initiative for Healthcare Workers
CDC Microbiologist Fellowship
CDC Million Hearts Initiative
CDC Molecular Biology and Genomics Fellowship
CDC Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory Fellowship
CDC Multiplex Bead Assay Fellowship - MV Team
CDC Office of Genomics and Precision Public Health (OGPPH), Office of Science...
CDC Office of Science (OS) Fellowship Program 2022
CDC One Health Fellowship
CDC Overseas Operations Fellowship
CDC Parasitic Diseases Bioinformatics Fellowship on Trichomonas
CDC Parasitic Diseases Molecular Epidemiology Fellowship on Cyclospora
CDC Parasitic Diseases Quality Assurance Fellowship
CDC Policy Analytics and Population Health Fellowship
CDC Population Health Communications Fellowship
CDC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global HIV & Tuberculosis
CDC Postdoctoral Microbiologist Fellowship
CDC Poxvirus Epidemiology Team Fellowship
CDC Program Evaluation Fellowship
CDC Project Manager - REMOTE
CDC Protein Structure Fellowship
CDC Public Health Administration and Implementation Science Fellowship
CDC Public Health Analyst - REMOTE
CDC Public Health Communication Fellowship
CDC Public Health Communication Fellowship (Bilingual)
CDC Public Health Communications Fellowship
CDC Public Health Data and Informatics Fellowship
CDC Public Health Data and Informatics Summer Fellowship
CDC Public Health Economics and Policy Evaluation Fellowship
CDC Rabies Diagnostics Fellowship
CDC Sex Trafficking Research and Surveillance Fellowship
CDC Smallpox Mobile Application Deployment and Public Health Exercise Fellowship
CDC Summer Fellowship in National Poliovirus Survey Support
CDC Surveillance Fellowship in the Division of Overdose Prevention
CDC Travel Guidance Epidemiologist Fellowship
CDC USMU CureTB Program Fellowship
CDC Vaccine Immunology Fellowship
CDC Vaccine Safety Fellowship
CDC Vector-Borne Bacterial Diseases Entomology and Ecology Fellowship
CDC Veterinary Training & One Health Fellowship
CDC Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Therapeutic Research Fellowship
CDC Vision Impairment and Disease Education and Training Fellowship
CDC Waterborne Environmental Microbiology & Engineering Laboratory Fellowship
Certified Nurse Midwife (Bilingual)
Chair of the Department of Health Promotion
Chair, Department of Biostatistics
Chief Financial Officer
Chief of Health Protection and Prevention Services
Childhood Injury Prevention Coordinator
Childhood Lead Program Epidemiologist
Client Advocate
Climate and Health Program Coordinator
Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Research Fellowship
Clinical Assistant Professor in Dietetics
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Coordinator III
Clinical Social Worker
Clinical Staff Physician
Clinical Trials Coordinating Center Director
Communicable Diseases Biostatistician
Communication Specialist - REMOTE
Communication Specialist III/Public Health Communication Coordinator .
Communications Manager
Communications Manager | PHII
Communications Specialist
Communications Specialist I
Community Data Support Specialist
Community Engagement Manager
Community Health Coordinator
Community Health Educator - Bronx
Community Health Educator - Bronx / Manhattan
Community Health Educator III (Injury Prevention Program Coordinator)
Community Health Worker- HealthWorks
Consultant Business Analytics
Consultant Position: External Evaluation Support
Contract Processing Specialist II
Conversation Designer
Coordinator (Administrative), Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
Coordinator II, Public Health Practice
Coordinator of Student Victim Assistance
Core Manager - Third Coast Center for AIDS Research
Core State Injury Prevention Coordinator
Country Engagement Lead
COVID Variant and Hospitalization Epidemiologist
COVID-19 Project Coordinator
CQUIN Deputy Director
Data Administrator III (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Data Analyst
Data Analyst IV
Data Analyst, Bureau of Epidemiology Services
Data Analysts
Data and Evaluation Specialist
Data Assistant (Student Research Scientist)
Data Entry Technician
Data Integration Specialist
Data Linkage Epidemiologist
Data Manager
Data Manager (Staff Associate ll)
Data Manager/Analyst - REMOTE
Data Quality Specialist
Data Scientist
Data Scientist or Analyst
Data Support Manager
DEA Postdoctoral Fellow in Synthetic/Organic Chemistry
Dentist, Northeast Region- Greene County
Dentist, Northeast Region- Unicoi County
Department Temporary Communications Specialist
Deputy Director for Policy & Legislative Relations (WMS Band 3)
Deputy Director, Center for Tobacco Prevention & Control
Deputy Director, SI
Deputy Medical Director
Desktop Designer / Visual Information Specialist
Digital Communications Web Developer
Director for the Division of Practice Improvement
Director of Advocacy, GA, NC, SC
Director of Communications and Marketing
Director of Evaluation
Director of Finance & Operations
Director of Planning & Development
Director of Program Evaluation
Director of Research
Director of STI Prevention (Public Health Administrator 1)
Director, Community Assessment, Planning and Evaluation (CAPE)
Director, Data Management and Analytics
Director, Office of Vital Statistics, Bureau of Vital Statistics
Director, Primary Care Research
Disease Intervention Specialist
Disease Intervention Specialist Supervisor
District Director of Health
Domestic Abuse Fatality Review (DAFR) Prevention Coordinator, Bureau of Family H
Early Childhood Epidemiologist
EFNEP Supervisor / Research Associate I, II, III
Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) Lead
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Interoperability Analyst
ELR COVID-19 Messaging Specialist
Emergency Medical Services Fund Act Coordinator
EMS Data Aide
Enteric Epidemiologist
Environmental Analyst 1
Environmental Epidemiology Research Fellowship
Environmental Planner 4
Environmental Public Health Tracking Program Communications & Education Coordina
Environmental Specialist I
Environmental Specialist II
EPA Epidemiologic Research Fellowship
EPA Fellowship in Ocean and Coastal Protection/Marine Pollution Prevention
EPA Fellowship in U.S. Greenhouse Gas Data and Policy Analysis
EPA Health Communication Fellowship
EPA Human Health Environmental Exposures Fellowship
EPA Internship in Molecular Biology
EPA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Fetal Exposures to Perfluorinated Alkyl Substance
EPI 1 Data Vis
EPI 1 Dialysis
EPI 1 Stewardship
Epidemiological Investigator
EPIDEMIOLOGIST - Drug Overdose Surveillance Program
Epidemiologist 1
Epidemiologist 1 and 2 (In-Training) Multiple Positions (DOH6216)
Epidemiologist 2
Epidemiologist 2- Behavioral Health
Epidemiologist 3
Epidemiologist I
Epidemiologist II
Epidemiologist III
Epidemiologist III - Biostatistician
Epidemiologist III - Chronic Disease Epidemiology Supervisor
Epidemiologist Lead
Epidemiologist Manager
Epidemiologist Mid-Level (FH184) Injury & Violence Prevention Epidemiologist
Epidemiologist Senior
Epidemiologist/Health Statistician Consultant
Epidemiology Consultant
Epidemiology Fellowship for Diet, Weight, and/or Physical Activity Assessment
Epidemiology Instructional Faculty
Epidemiology Manager-Health Statistics Surveillance Unit Manager
Epidemiology Mentor - Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific
Epidemiology Research and Consulting Assistant
Epidemiology Research Associate (ERA)
Epidemiology Supervisor
Epidemiology Team Manager (Program Administrator V)
ETL Developer
Evaluation Analyst – Health Systems Integration Initiatives
Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation Specialist I (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Evaluation Specialist II
Evaluation Specialist II (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Evaluation Specialist III
Evaluation Specialist IV
Executive and Communications Coordinator – Native Public Health Non-Profit
Executive Director of the National Hypertension Control Roundtable (NHCR)
Executive Director, The Equity in Access Research Grant Program
Faculty Positions in Environmental Health Sciences
FDA Assessment of mAb binding to Fc receptors Fellowship
FDA Biochemistry of Blood Coagulation Fellowship
FDA Bioequivalence of Complex Generic Products Fellowship
FDA Bioinformatics Scientist Fellowship
FDA Cardiac Safety Assessment of Drugs Fellowship
FDA Cardiac Safety Statistical Study Evaluations Fellowship
FDA CDER Social Media Health Communication Fellowship
FDA CDRH Summer 2022 SORRE Research Participation Program
FDA Clinical Pharmacology of Therapeutic Biologics Fellowship
FDA Clinical Study Design and Analysis Fellowship
FDA Database Evaluation Fellowship
FDA Drug-Device Combination and BTD Products Fellowship
FDA Evaluate the Impact of Regulatory Activities Fellowship
FDA Fellowship in Assessing Safety and Efficacy of Antibody Therapies and...
FDA Fellowship in Detection of Cross-reactive Neutralizing Antibodies Against...
FDA Fellowship in Detection, Enumeration and Genomics for Listeria Monocytogenes
FDA Fellowship in Detection, Enumeration, and Whole Genome Sequencing of...
FDA Fellowship in Detection, Immunity, and Pathogenesis of Parasites
FDA Fellowship in Development of Improved Methods for Assessing Cell Therapies
FDA Fellowship in Development of Methods to Measure Neutralizing Anti-SARS-CoV-2
FDA Fellowship in Functional Genomics
FDA Fellowship in New Vaccines Against Intracellular Bacteria
FDA Fellowship in Non-Animal Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Testing
FDA Fellowship in Novel Computer Vision Systems for Behavior and Health...
FDA Fellowship in Pharmco-Immunology
FDA Fellowship in Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling
FDA Fellowship in SARS-CoV-2 Pathogenesis & Host Immune Responses
FDA Fellowship in Wearables for Gait Assessment
FDA Food Chemistry Fellowship
FDA Global Manufacturing Fellowship
FDA Machine Learning Precision Medicine Fellowship
FDA Microbiologist Fellowship
FDA Molecular Biology Fellowship
FDA Molecular Biology Internship
FDA Nitrosamine Formation in Pharmaceuticals Fellowship
FDA Nitrosamine Research and Testing Fellowship
FDA Pharmaco-Immunology Fellowship
FDA Post-baccalaureate Biological Science and Engineering Fellowship
FDA Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship in 3D Manufacturing of Pluripotent Stem Cells
FDA Post-baccalaureate Fellowship in Viral Vaccines and Vaccine-mediated...
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cardiovascular Devices
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Estrogenic Activity Assessment
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Live Attenuated Rubella Viral Vectors
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Lymphocytes Trafficking and Targeting in Mouse...
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Toxicology
FDA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Neurotoxicology
FDA Postgraduate Fellowship in Lymphocytes Trafficking and Targeting in Mouse...
FDA Predictive Analytics Fellowship
FDA Quality Knowledge Management System for Drugs Fellowship
FDA Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Fellowship
FDA Regulatory Aspects of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fellowship
FDA Regulatory Considerations for Nanomedicine Design Fellowship
FDA Root Causes of Nitrosamine Formation Fellowship
FDA SARS-CoV-2 Coding Domain Sequence: In Silico Analysis and Evaluation
FDA Science and Research Tracking Fellowship
FDA Standard Analyses of PRO Data in Cancer Trials Fellowship
FDA Summer 2022 Research Opportunity in Additive Manufacturing of Medical Device
FDA Summer Fellowship in Shiga Toxin Pathogenicity
FDA Sunscreen Safety Fellowship
FDA Undergraduate Internship
FDA Understanding the Challenges in IVIVC Evaluation Fellowship
FDA Updating Overdosage Section of Labels Fellowship
FDA Viral Pathogenesis and Immunobiology
Finance and Grant Manager - Public Health
Financial Analyst
Financial Services Analyst 2
Financial Services Manager
Firearm Violence Prevention Data Research Analyst 3
Food/Toxicology Supervisor
Forum Administrative Coordinator
Forum Data Center Coordinator
Founding Dean, School of Public Health
Genomic Epidemiology Research Fellowship
Genotyping and Cluster Data Coordinator
Geospatial Health Data Analyst
GF Community Health Worker-Covid-19 Vaccination Program: Greater Danbury/Norwalk
GFPS Community Education Coordinator
GFPS Program Manager I
Global Newborn Health Program Specialist
Graduate Program Director, Health Policy
Graduate Research Assistant
Grant/Contracts Coordinator
Grants and Contracts Specialist
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer & Communications Coordinator
Grassroots and Communications Project Manager
HAI Epidemiologist 2/Data Analyst
Health Administration Asst. Prof- MHA Program
Health Agency Director
Health Care Surveyor 2 (Nursing)
Health Comms Specialist III (PhD - Research & Evaluation)
Health Communication Specialists - Remote
Health Communications Manager - Remote
Health Communications Specialist
Health Director - Dubuque County, IA
Health Disparities in Aging/Healthy Aging Researcher
Health Educator
Health Insurance Specialist (Program Policy)
Health Program Administrator I
Health Program Associate
Health Program Associate (35 Hour)
Health Program Coordinator (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Health Program Coordinator I
Health Promotion and Education Grants Coordinator- Maternal and Child Health
Health Science Administrator
Health Science Specialist
Health Scientist III (Remote)
Healthcare associated Infections / Antimicrobial Resistance Epidemiologist
Healthcare Concierge Intern
Healthy Communities Specialist - Tobacco Prevention
Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Director
HHS Epidemiologist Fellowship
HHS Fellowship in Policy Research Analysis of Federal HIV Initiatives
HHS Health Communication Fellowship
HHS Women's Health Communications and Digital Media Fellowship
HIV Health Equity Associate Professor, NTE/Team Scientiest
HIV Surveillance Coordinator
HIV Surveillance Coordinator and Epidemiologist
Hospital Nursing Service Consultant
Human Resources Officer
Human Services Project Coordinator
Infection Prevention Specialist
Infection Prevention Specialist-Remote Position
Infection Preventionist
Infectious Disease Physician of Family or Internal Medicine
Infectious Disease Specialist - CDC
Informatician Epidemiologist-A
Informatics Analyst III, TFGH
Informatics Epidemiologist
Information Architect /User Interface Architect (NCHS Website Modernization)
Instructor Full-time: Environmental Health and Water Quality
Integrative Oncology Summer Assistant
Interim Program Officer
Internship 2 – Community Health Initiatives
Internship 1 – Early Childhood Initiatives
Internship 5 – Systems of Services for CYSHCN
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator
Investigator - Associate Research Scientist (2022-01)
Investigator - Senior Research Scientist
Investigator - Senior Research Scientist (2022-11)
Investigator-Senior Research Scientist (2022-02)
Investigator-Senior Research Scientist (2022-03)
Investigator-Senior Research Scientist (2022-04)
Investigator-Senior Research Scientist (2022-05)
IP Coordinator
Junior Data Analyst
Junior Epidemiologist
Kendall Fellowship: Nuclear Weapons, Science, and Equity
L&I Physician 3
Laboratory Technician
Lead and Toxic Substances Epidemiologist
Lead Family Resource Coordinator
Lead STD Policy Analyst
Lecturer III in Biostatistics
MAGEC Postdoctoral Fellowship
Management Analyst - Public Health
Manager, Data Reporting and Analytics, Biostatistics
Manager, Evaluation, BSFA
Manager, Evaluation, Market
Manager, Executive Initiatives
Manager, PCSP Administration
Manager, Practice Management
Marketing Analyst (Communications)/Content Marketing Specialist
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing Specialist
Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist
Maternal and Child Health Postdoctoral Fellows
Maternal Health Trainer and Technical Assistance Specialist
Maternal, Child, and Family Health Epidemiologist
Medical Records Abstractor - Maternal Mortality Review
Mental Health Professional or Trainee
MERLA Manager/Sr. Technical Advisor
Messaging Operations Specialist (Part-Time)
Metro Detroit Chapter Manager
Microbiologist - Public Health
Microbiologist 2
Mid Cumberland Primary Care Director
Mid Cumberland Regional Medical Director
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement
My Home Opportunity Catalog Opportunity Detail HHS Social Determinants of...
National Healthcare Safety Network Surveillance Epidemiologist
Newark, DE Chapter Manager
NewboRN Home Visiting Program (NHVP) – Weekend Family Partner
NIH-NIAID Clinical Research Fellowship Exchange Program
NLM Training Associate
Nurse Administrator Manager I-61007955
Nutrition Educator
Nutrition Specialist 1 4-day work week
Nutrition Standards Research Internship - Summer 2022
Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
Office of Health Equity Accountant
Office of Health Equity Coordinator/Chief
Office of Health Equity Epidemiologist #124061&124062
Office of Health Equity Epidemiologist Supervisor
Office of Health Equity Program Specialist
Office of Health Equity Project Specialist
Officer - Strategy, Planning, & Management - Pneumonia
Open Rank Tenure-track faculty in Neuro-oncology Epidemiology
Operations Manager
Operations Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
ORISE fellowship opportunity
Outbreak Surveillance Epidemiologist
Outreach and Strategic Partnerships Associate
Part-time Instructor of Biostatistics
Part-Time Instructor of Epidemiology
Part-Time NDTI Communications Intern - Native Non-Profit
Part-time R instructor for public health
Parttime Department Temp Communication Specialist
Pediatric Review Nurse - Hybrid Position
Performance Coordinator (HSC 3) DOH6408
Performance Outcomes Coordinator
PhD Consultant (Part Time)
Physician 2 (35 Hour)
Physician of Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN)
Physician Unclassified
Planning Specialist
Policy Coordinator (COVID-19 Health Disparities Program)
Population Health Analyst (BRFSS coordinator)
Population Health Coordinator - Disease Investigation and Surveillance
Post-doctoral fellow
Post-Doctoral Fellow Specializing in Cancer/Behavioral Epidemiology
Post-Doctoral Fellowship CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY
Postdoc in Statistical Modeling of Cancer Screening and Surveillance Data
Postdoctoral Associate - Duke University Obstetrics and Gynecology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow Training in Behavioral Oncology
Postdoctoral Fellow- microbiome and integrated ‘omics
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Microbiology
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Immunology
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Environmental Health
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Postdoctoral Research Fellow- Cancer Prevention and Control
Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Climate Justice & Community-Driven Epidemiology
Postdoctoral Scholar
Postdoctoral Scholar in Integrated Research (HIV, Hepatitis C, COVID-19 and Subs
Practice Management Coordinator
Preparedness Content Creator
Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN)
Privacy and Compliance Officer Senior Associate
Process Improvement Specialist
Professor and Chair
Program Analyst II ALS 8500-003
Program Assistant
Program Assistant I (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Program Assistant| PHII
Program Associate, CARES
Program Associate, Medical Devices and Health Technologies
Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator - Environmental Health
Program Coordinator I (NYC)
Program Director, Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program
Program Evaluation Analyst
Program Evaluator
Program Manager
Program Manager (Immunization Division)
Program Manager (Portuguese Fluency Required)
Program Manager, National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center
Program Manager, Research and Evaluation
Program Officer
Program Professional
Program Research Specialist II
Program Research Specialist II (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Program Specialist 2- Mental Health Block Grant
Program Specialist 2- Opioid Treatment
Program Specialist 2- Substance Use Prevention
Project Analyst
Project Associate
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator | PHII
Project Coordinator | TEPHINET
Project Coordinator for Communication & Outreach
Project Coordinator II
Project Coordinator, BRING O2
Project Director
Project Evaluator
Project Manager
Project Manager (Spanish & Portuguese-Speaking) | TEPHINET
Project Manager - Data Science
Project Manager - Global Cardiovascular Health
Project Manager | NTD-SC [Departmental Temporary]
Project Manager |Public Health Informatics Institute, Req Lab
Project Manager, Brain Health
Project Manager, SALURBAL Project
Project Officer
Project Team Lead, Informatics | Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)
Public Health & Social Services Director
Public Health Associate
Public Health Communications Coordinator *closing soon!!!
Public Health District Director, MD
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Representative I (NYSPHC Fellowship Program
Public Health Epidemiologist
Public Health Evaluator/Social Research Scientist
Public Health Executive's Fellowship
Public Health Infection Prevention Nurse Educator
Public Health Informatics Scientist II
Public Health Information Analyst
Public health Investigator - HIV/STD Community Services Team
Public Health Manager
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse - Maternal Child
Public Health Officer - Knox County, Tennessee
Public Health Officer - Knox County, TN
Public Health Pharmacy Fellowship
Public Health Physician (Tuberculosis Clinic Physician)
Public Health Program Associate (COVID-19 Epidemiology Fellowship)
Public Health Program Associate 2
Public Health Program Director 3
Public Health Program Manager
Public Health Program Planner
Public Health Representative 3
Public Health Representative II (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Public Health Representative III (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Public Health Research Associate
Public Health Specialist
Public Health Specialist I (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Public Health Technician
Qualitative Researcher/Study Manager - Hybrid or Remote
Quality Assurance Engineer
Receptionist | Integrated Program Services| Temporary Full-time
REDi Healthcare Coalition Planning Coordinator
REDi Healthcare Coalition Response Coordinator
Regional Manager, Region 2 (Baton Rouge Area), The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacc
Regional Public Health Coordinator
Regional STI Program Coordinator
Registered Nurse
Research Aide
Research Analyst
Research Analyst II, Health Services Research
Research and Community Engagement Manager
Research Assistant
Research Assistant II
Research Assistant II- HealthWorks
Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant-Health (Hybrid)
Research Assistant-Public Health
Research Assistant/Associate Professor in Biostatistics
Research Associate
Research Associate 2, HSS
Research Associate I
Research Associate II
Research Associate, Neurology
Research Associate- Health Communication-Remote
Research Associate-Health Policy-Remote
Research Coordinator
Research Coordinator – Patient-Focused Research
Research Coordinator II
Research Coordintor/DPP Facilitator
Research Data Analyst
Research Industrial Hygienist
Research Interviewer/Recruiter
Research Program Coordinator - Family Planning
Research Project Coordinator
Research Project Coordinator (Tobacco Prevention and Control)
Research Project Manager
Research Scientist
Research Scientist – Phylogenetic and wildlife biosurveillance data analysis
Research Scientist 2
Research Scientist 5 (Epidemiology) - 09504
Research Scientist I
Research Scientist I (NYSPHC Fellowship Program)
Research Scientist II
Research Scientist II (Data Analysis)
Research Scientist in Cancer Prevention
Research Specialist
Research Specialist D - HEALTH POLICY
Research Specialist V
Review Nurse, Medical Coding, Remote Position
RTO Research Associate
Sangamon County, IL- Assistant Director of Public Health
Science Writer
Senior Accountant
Senior Antimicrobial Resistant Epidemiologist
Senior Associate - Infectious Diseases Initiative
Senior Biostatistician - Omics - Remote/Virtual
Senior Biostatistician - Public Health - Remote/Virtual
Senior Contract Coordinator
Senior Database Developer
Senior FP&A Analyst
Senior Grants Manager
Senior Health Program Coordinator
Senior Health Program Manager, Office of Health Equity
Senior Healthcare Associated Infections Epidemiologist
Senior Instructional Content Developer - Rollins School of Public Health
Senior Laboratory Manager (Senior Executive)
Senior Manager, Global Health Education
Senior National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Epidemiologist
Senior Principal Scientist
Senior Process Improvement Manager
Senior Professional Research Assistant
Senior Program Analyst – Advanced Molecular Detection
Senior Program Analyst – Infectious Disease Forecasting
Senior Program Assistant - NAM Leadership Consortium
Senior Program Coordinator
Senior Program Director, Public Health
Senior Program Manager
Senior Program Manager, Public Policy
Senior Program Officer
Senior Project Lead
Senior Public Health Physician
Senior Public Health Researcher - Virtual
Senior Research Analyst - Epidemiologist/Biostatistician
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Associate, Child & Family Development (Onsite/Hybrid/Remote)
Senior Research Associate, Child Welfare (Onsite/Hybrid/Remote)
Senior Research Coordinator - Sickle Cell Research Team
Senior Research Interviewer
Senior Scientist, Health
Senior Software Engineer/ Developer
Senior Study Director - Community Engaged Research - Virtual
Senior Study Director - Mixed Methods
Senior Study Director - Mixed Methods - Virtual
Senior Study Director - Mixed Methods Remote/Virtual
Senior Study Director - Public Health - Virtual
Senior Study Director - Qualitative
Senior Study Director - Qualitative (Virtual)
Senior Study Director - Qualitative Remote/Virtual
Senior Study Manager (Virtual)
Sexual Health Program Coordinator
Sexual Violence Prevention Epidemiologist / Evaluator
Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Research Nurse
Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity Director
Social Media Manager-Remote
Social Research Scientist (DOH6300)
Social Scientist
Social Work Instructional Faculty
Social Worker 2
Software Engineer/Developer
Sr Associate Director of Programs | Children Without Worms
Sr Nurse - Communicable Disease Control -Part Time
Sr Nurse_Quality Assurance
Sr Project Manager
Sr. Business Consultant
Sr. Business Consultant, People & Culture
Sr. Consultant Clinical Ops & Strategy
Sr. Research Program Coordinator
Staff Scientist, Structural Bioinformatics Core
State Dental Director
State Public Health Laboratory Director
Statistical Research Specialist
Strategic Information Specialist (Senior Staff Associate l)
Strategic Planning Analyst
Study Coordinator
Study Manager - Public Health & Epidemiology - Hybrid Schedule
Subcontracts Administrator
Substance Abuse Epidemiologist
Substance Use Disorder Professional 1
Substance Use Epidemiologist
Summer Intern Position - Mount Sinai Department of Health Education
Supervisory Statistician
Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer (GS-15)
Surveillance Analyst, Chronic Disease Prevention
Surveillance System Epidemiologist
Surveillance Systems Epidemiologist
Surveillance Unit Supervisor - Epidemiologist 3 (DOH6424)
Survey Research Analyst
Syndromic Surveillance Epidemiologist
Systems Integration Epidemiologist
Talent Acquisition Partner
Team Lead Research Coordinator - Sickle Cell Research Team
Technical Support Analyst I
Technical Support Specialist I
Temporary Communications Manager
Temporary Grants Financial Analyst
Tenure Earning Assistant Professor, Maternal and Child Health
Tenure-Stream Professor of Forests and Green Space for Improving Public Health
Tenure-track Professor- Occuaptional Safety and Health
Training Coordinator-CDC Remote
Training Specialist II
Tribal Epidemiologist
USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Collaborative Research Fellowship in Human Nutrition...
USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Food Allergen Research
USDA-ARS SCINet Fellowship for Developing AI and ML Techniques to Advance...
USGS Indigenous Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian Climate Engagement
Vaccine Preventable Disease Group Manager
Vice President, Quality, Research, and Evaluation (QRE)
Viral Hepatitis and Harm Reduction Project Administrator
Visiting Assistant Professor
Visiting Assistant Professor, Public Health
Vital Records Epidemiologist - Advanced
Vital Records Epidemiologist - Operational
Volunteer Program Coordinator I
VP of Community Health Systems
Wastewater Surveillance Epidemiologist
Web Content Manager
Wellness Manager
Workforce Development Manager
Writer-Editor/Communications Specialist-CDC Remote
Youth Program Manager