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Job Title: Regional Field Consultant – Environmental Health
Job Number:
Organization: MPHI
Posted: 2/6/2019
Type: Full-Time
Number of Openings: 1
Location: Telecommute,     
Position Description: Title: Regional Field Consultant – Environmental Health $23.07 - $27.35 / Posted thru: 3-6-19

Employee Name: TBD

Supervisor: Carin Speidel, Ma Manager, Healthy Homes Section

Purpose: This position will serve as a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Healthy Homes Section (HHS), Lead Safe Home Program Unit, Regional Field Consultant. The person will provide environmental investigation and lead-based paint hazard control activities for eligible families residing in high-risk homes containing lead-based paint. This position will assist with on-going projects within the L the Lead Safe Home Program. This position will will require frequent travel to and from speci specific geographic areas throughout the state state.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Education and Outreach: • It is expected that this Position will provide a minimum of 18-20 local p presentations per year on lead poisoning, l lead safe work practices and healthy homes i issues. • Develop new partnerships with other affiliated housing and non-profit agencies i in the jurisdiction. • Assist HHS in identifying and a accessing private sector funding mechanisms f for lead hazard control activities. • Obtain and provide information on H Healthy Homes issues. • Conduct local education and outreach a activities targeting parents, parent groups, h health care providers, remodelers, r renovators, maintenance personnel, painters, r rental property owners, and other segments o of the population. • Plan and implement local activities for Michigan’s Lead Poisoning Prevention W Week education campaign. • Act as a local lead information l liaison with Michigan State Housing D Development Authority, local housing a authorities, housing rehabilitation o organizations, and rental property owners; e especially regarding HUD 24 CFR part 35 r requirements. • Attend and participate regularly s scheduled Regional Field Consultant meetings. • Focus outreach efforts on assigned tar target areas, as detailed below.

Identification and Enrollment of Candidate H Housing Units: • Per the Lead Abatement Act, perform Preliminary Field Investigation and combination Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment to identify all present and potential lead-based paint hazards and document accordingly. Use this information to develop abatement specifications. In cases of an EBL child over 5ug/ based paint hazards and document accordingly. Use this information to develop abatement specifications. In cases of an EBL child over 5ug/dL. RFC shall conduct EBL Environmental Investigation and attempt to enroll client into program. Contractor shall perform 40-50 I Inspection/Risk Assessments per year and s shall prepare approximately 40 units for e enrollment per year. • Follow HUD Policy and Procedures F Field Guide. • Asssiting MDHHS staff in obtaining a and verifying blood levels of children r residing in units. • Collaborate with local housing r rehabilitation organizations, if necessary. • Assess historic preservation issues and and flood plain management issues. Address his historic preservation issues through app appropriate project specifications, if nec necessary.

Lead Hazard Control Activities: • Draft project specifications in conjunction with the homeowner. The specification report should include all lead hazard control activities which are required to make the residence a lead-safe home using the most cost-effective measures. The s specification report will also document the l lead hazard control activities that are to b be performed. • Perform contractor pre-bid walk-through on units.

through on units. • Process bid documents and addendums a and provide to HHS office. • Ensure home and families are prepared for lead-hazard control activities. • If necessary, assist the residents o of the home in arranging for temporary r relocation while lead hazard control work is b being completed. • Participates in project oversight. Spend a minimum of 50% of time for on-site supervision of lead abatement contractors that are new to the program in your county and 25% of time for on-site supervision of l lead abatement contractors that are e established within your county during lead h hazard control work for each project to e ensure that work is being done according to p project specifications and in compliance w with HHS work standards. Documentation of o oversight hours is required by HHS through m monthly report. • This Position responsible for aiming t to meet minimum benchmark standards each q quarter. Contractor responsible for c completing and clearing a minimum of a approximately 40 units per year (as defined i in Benchmark Standards. Contractor should r refer to benchmark standards for exact unit g goals to be acquired each quarter. Please n note that this number may vary from year to y year.) • This Position shall attempt to match or blend funds with other outside funding sourcse sourcse on every project for grant eligble co costs only, as possible.

Follow-up Activities: • Conduct a visual inspection and o obtain clearance dust wipe samples of all w work areas according to HHS protocol and s submit for analysis to MDHHS Lead Laboratory. • Upon achieving appropriate clearance sample levels, document the unit is ready to be re-occupied, and contact the residents a and abatement contractor. Process c contractor payment invoice and authorization t to HHS after visual inspection of project h has been completed. • Develop a lead-based paint hazard c control activities evaluation and closeout d documentation for submission to HHS within 3 30 days of completion of work. • Respond to Contractor Warranty i issues if expressed by homeowner or occupant w within 18 months of project completion • Perform proper maintenance on the XR XRF unit.

Assist HHS in Post-Remediation Client S Surveys and Data Collection: • Assist HHS in monitoring the quality a and cost effectiveness of lead hazard c control projects. • Assist HHS in collection of the C Client Satisfaction Survey at completion of e each project. • Conduct ongoing data collection and qua quarterly reporting to HHS.

Healthy Homes Initiative • Work with HHS staff to provide and a also receive further training on the Healthy H Homes Rating System (HHRS). • Perform specified number of HHRS Assess Assessments on select units and provide necess necessary healthy homes remediation interv interventions through project specif specifications.

Qualifications/Requirements: Experience in Micr Microsoft Office required, specifically Word Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint. Data entr entry experience required. Experience answ answering and placing telephone calls and resp responding to public requests required. Expe Experience with public speaking and pres presentations highly preferred.

Education: Education typically acquired th through completion of high school.

Experience: 5 years’ experience in housing reh rehabilitation related field, such as Hou Housing Rehabilitation Specialist, Lead Ins Inspector/Risk Assessor, Construction Man Manager or Lead Abatement Supervisor. Must be be currently certified as a Lead Ins Inspector/Risk Assessor, Elevated Blood Lead Env Environmental Investigator, and Lead Sup Supervisor or must obtain necessary training to to meet certification prerequisites and cer certification within 30 days of hire.

Important Skills and Characteristics: • This position requires an individual w who can work and communicate well within d diverse demographics, stakeholders, and the c community. • Be able to coordinate and prioritize w work on multiple projects and investigations a amid frequent interruptions and r redirection. • Ability to apply technical knowledge o of the lead paint regulations to ongoing i investigations and inspections. • Ability to effectively communicate o on regulatory and technical matters, v verbally and in writing, at a level a appropriate for the audience. • Ability to collect, organize, and c comprehend large amounts of regulatory and t technical information effectively and a accurately. • Ability to maintain a professional d demeanor in sometimes confrontational or a argumentative situations. • Ability to work well as a team player and is self-motivated. • Ability to multi-task effectively and time-efficiently with minimal s supervision. Ability to make independent d decisions on work priorities. • Ability to represent the State in m managing telephone and written inquiries, r responses and other communication. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office a application and familiar with email and I Internet. • Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license, an acce license, an acceptable driving record, and vehicle insuranc vehicle insurance while in this position. Individual will Individual will use their own vehicle for daily travel.

daily travel.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements: Job may requir Job may require moderate physical effort including lift including lifting materials and equipment weighing up to weighing up to 50 pounds. This position involves viewi involves viewing a computer monitor for more than 30% of th than 30% of the time. Personal protective equipment may equipment may need to be worn. This position often position often requires several hours of travel weekly travel weekly and requires visits to residential pr residential projects enrolled in the Lead Safe Home Prog Safe Home Program. Requires frequent visits to home enviro to home environments, with potential to expose employe expose employee to homes in poor structural conditions, pe conditions, pests, in climate weather, potential slip potential slip, trip and fall hazards and other unkempt other unkempt environments.

Requires valid vehicle operator's license where needed where needed to perform duties of the position. Re position. Regional field consultants are required to required to obtain and maintain the following ce following certifications: Lead Inspector, Risk Assesso Risk Assessor, Supervisor, Evaluated Blood Level Invest Level Investigator and HHRS Credential.

Responsibility for the Work of Others: None.

Impact on Projects, Services, and Operatio Operations: This position has an impact on the orga the organizational ability of dynamic communit community engagement responses to sites of environm environmental contamination.

Required Communication

Contact Person/Group Frequency Pu Purpose Carin Speidel Daily Guidance & Dir Direction, Management Sonya Frick Daily Coordination of ta tasks and assignments

“For purposes of employment standards, this classification is “Non-Exempt” from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”


Organization Description:

Closing Date: 5/6/2019
Desired Starting Date:
Contact Name: Angela Crozier,  Regional Field Consultant – Environmental Health
Contact Location: 2436 Woodlake Circle
Suite 300
Okemos   MI  48864
United States
Contact Location: 2436 Woodlake Circle
  Suite 300
  Okemos   MI  48864
  United States
Contact Phone: 5173248349 
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