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Job Title: Epidemiologist Supervisor
Job Number: 50593561
Organization: Pennsylvania Dept of Health
Posted: 11/18/2019
Type: Full-Time
Classification: Environmental Health
Industry: Government
Number of Openings: 1
Location: Harrisburg,  PA    USA
Compensation: 97,976.00-110,000.00
Position Description: Supervise the epidemiologist/s who design an and conduct investigations, in collaboration wi with toxicologists; analyze data and ma maintain surveillance on illnesses that may re relate to factors of the environment, in including air, water, soil, chemical, bi biological or other hazards. Work with ep epidemiologist/s and toxicologists in mo modelling environmental data to assist with en environmental health assessments.

Demonstrates an understanding of and ability to interpret concepts such as Lifetime Health Advisory Levels (HAL), maximum Containment Levels (MCL), Minimum Risk Levels (MRL), Cancer Risk Evaluation Guidelines (CREGs), health Comparison Values (CVs), no-observed-adverse-effects levels (NOAEL), lowest-observed-adverse-effects levels (LOAE levels (LOAEL) for environmental media and their relati their relationships to environmental public health pract health practice.

Supervise health outcome data evaluation (incidence (incidence and prevalence rates), cancer data analy data analysis (standardized incidence rates, standardiz standardized mortality rates), and provide technical technical assistant to other programs within the divisi the division on epidemiological methods and investigat investigations.

Supervise data analysis related to community exposure exposure to toxins and chemicals and suspecte suspected health effects from contaminants and toxi and toxins in order to protect the public from exp from exposure to toxicological and environm environmental hazards. Develops protocols to assis to assist with environmental investigations, conducts conducts data analysis and creates comprehe comprehensive reports on environmentally and/or o and/or occupationally linked diseases includin including those associated with emerging contamin contaminants such as PFAS.

Design and conduct population level assess assessments on exposure and health effects and an and analyze data using advanced statistical proced procedures in SAS/SPSS/STATA in order to genera generate reports and/or public education materi materials to meet the general program requir requirements (example baseline health assess assessment for diseases in terms of crude rates, rates, age adjusted rates, standard incide incidence rates, etc.). Also demonstrates profic proficiency in GIS.

Study and analyze diseases that may be asso associated with chemicals, pollutants or othe other toxins by systematically applying the prin principles and practices of epidemiology to expl explore potential linkage between envi environmental conditions and various dise diseases or conditions to better understand and and recommend strategies to minimize harmful expo exposure and protect public health.

Establish, collect, manage, analyze and in interpret surveillance and epidemiologic da data for an occupational health program, to st strengthen the adult blood lead surveillance pr programs, and establish a CBRNE program and su surveillance programs for pesticides, CO and ot other heavy metal poisoning.

Direct staff and provide technical inputs to health education and community outreach materials developed by staff, including site-specific fact sheets and chemical specific fact sheets and chemical-specific fact sheets on ex fact sheets on exposure and health effects as needed. P as needed. Provide expert consultation to Department field staff, co field staff, county/municipal health departments, an departments, and healthcare providers and facilities via facilities via phone or email to guide prevention and prevention and control of environmentally environmentally/occupationally linked diseases/condit diseases/conditions.

Synthesize available literature and data to develop and p develop and publish technical guidance documents on documents on environmental health threats; write reviews write reviews and recommendations where published gui published guidance does not exist, such as reviewing and reviewing and commenting on environmental legislation, legislation, to create policy and guidance at the state at the state level for mitigation and control of en control of environmental health threats.

In collaboration with other team members, prepare gra prepare grant applications by presenting statistical statistical data, position descriptions, budget info budget information, project description narratives, narratives, work plans, and accomplishments per funding per funding opportunity announcements to optimize AT optimize ATSDR/CDC program funding.

Present, publish, and report epidemiologic findings findings and professional experiences via professio professional journals, national and regional conferenc conferences, and other means as appropriate, to dissem to disseminate information and advance scientifi scientific knowledge. Participate in workgroup workgroups, conference calls, conferences, etc. to b etc. to build awareness of Pennsylvania environme environmental/occupational epidemiology programs programs and contribute to the public health infrastru infrastructure.

Develop and present information via webinar webinars, written publications, and present presentations. Address and respond to enquiri enquiries from elected officials, public, schools schools, reporters, etc., to provide environ environmental health data and reports on a broad v broad variety of environmental issues such as merc as mercury spill at home, lead in drinking water, water, mold issues in schools, odor complai complaints from landfills, heavy metals in private private well waters, or PFCs in drinking water. water.

Produce and update epidemiological proce procedural manuals as assigned to ensure clari clarity and compliance with commonwealth, DOH a DOH and public health regulations, laws and proce procedures.

Supervise other epidemiologists as assigned by by completing performance evaluations, app approving/disapproving leave, effecting dis discipline, and making hiring decisions. Whe When assigned supervision, performs the full ran range of supervisory responsibilities, inc including assigning, prioritizing, and rev reviewing work; conducting employee per performance management; app approving/disapproving leave and travel req requests; participating in staffing act activities; coordinating employee dis discipline; and training staff, including coa coaching and team building.

Work requires occasional statewide travel a and irregular/flexible work hours including o overnights, weekends and holidays in a accordance with policy. Employee may travel u using public transportation, private t transportation or carpooling with other e epidemiology investigation team members as a assigned.

Qualifications: MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year as an Epidemiolog as an Epidemiologist (Commonwealth of PA job title);



Possession of either a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Health (DrPH) degree, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in epidemiology, Doctoral degr Doctoral degree in Medicine (MD), Osteopathy (DO), Dental Surgery/Medi Surgery/Medicine (DDS/DDM/DMD), or Veterinary Medicine (DVM); AND three years of professi of professional experience investigating disease outbreaks, designing and conduc and conducting epidemiologic studies, or designing and maintaining a disease s disease surveillance system;


Possession of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degre degree in a biological science such as biology, genetics, nursing or viro virology; AND either a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or Master of Sci Science (MS) degree in epidemiology; AND three years of pr professional experience investigating disease outbreaks, designing and conducting e epidemiologic studies, or designing and maintaining a disease surveillance system.

Organization Description: This position, in the Bureau of Epidemiology, Division of Environmental Health Epidemiology, supports the organization’s mission of protecting the public’s health through its responsibility for providing consultative, scientific and technical expertise in the analysis and interpretation of environmental and epidemiologic data to prevent and control illnesses resulting from harmful environmental/occupational exposures as part of the environmental epidemiology team. This is a supervisory position.

Closing Date: 2/18/2020
Desired Starting Date:
Contact Name: Connie Hocker,  Epidemiologist Supervisor
Contact Location: 625 Forster Street, Room 933

Harrisburg   PA  17120
United States
Contact Location: 625 Forster Street, Room 933
  Harrisburg   PA  17120
  United States
Contact Phone: 717.787.3350 
Contact Fax: 717.772.6975
Contact Email:
Web Address:[0]
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