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Job Title: Dentist
Job Number:
Organization: Knox County Health Department
Posted: 2/13/2024
Type: Full-Time
Number of Openings: 1
Location: Knoxville,  TN    USA
Compensation: 65.86
Position Description: Purpose of Job

The purpose of this classification is to diagnose dental disease, injuries, malformations of the teeth and gums and provide essential dental services, including preventative, restorative, and emergency services to the community.

Essential Functions

The Dentist is responsible for the following essential functions:

Views assignment board and obtains patient assignment

Reviews medical/dental history chart of assigned patient

Consults with dental assistant for any additional updated information related to patient

Determines if any pre-exam medications are to be administered (SBE)

Interviews, examines, and discusses exam findings with patient

Orders X-rays, if necessary, reviews x-rays

Informs patient of recommended treatment procedure, obtains patient consent for treatment

Administers appropriate pre-procedural medication, including topical anesthetic, through oral swabbing and/or injection

Completes recommended procedure

Provides appropriate post-procedural medication, if necessary

Directs dental assistant in various aspects of patient treatment

Provides post-procedural instruction to patient

Discusses comprehensive treatment plans with patient, within the departmental guidelines, which meet patient’s needs

Records all pertinent information in a clear, concise, and professional manner in patient chart

Completes all necessary paperwork for each patient visit and dismisses patient

Performs dental exams/screenings in clinic and in outreach in school-based setting, utilizing portable equipment, record findings and complete appropriate assessment forms

Attends seminars and continuing education courses as required for licensure or by employer

Provides appropriate referrals as needed

Required to see patients until all patients have been treated, dismissed and exited the clinic

Assists dental assistants with various aspects of their identified job duties

Performs student evaluations as required

Assists in evaluation of auxiliary staff

All duties are completed in accordance with the rules, regulations, protocols, and procedural guidelines established by the Tennessee Board of Health, Tennessee Dental Practice Act, Tennessee Code Annotated, American Dental Association, OSHA, TOSHA, CDC, and Knox County Health Department

Respond to and report immediately if called upon by local, regional or central office supervisors, as part of a coordinated emergency response by the Knox County Mayor’s Office

Ensure regular, punctual attendance during scheduled work hours

Perform other duties as required

Qualifications: Minimum Training & Qualifications

Doctoral Degree in Dental Sciences required, with one (1) year of clinical practice experience in dentistry

Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities may be considered for employment into the position

Must possess and maintain a valid State of Tennessee dental license and unrestricted DEA registration/certification

Must obtain or possess a current CPR certification

Specialized Knowledge

Ability to use foot controlled and hand controlled equipment, dental tools including small instruments, handles, drills, fluid extractors, water dispenser, suction tools, latex or non-latex gloves, writing utensils, x-ray equipment, (hand held) x-ray developer, enlarger, autoclave sanitizers, cleaning equipment and fluids, chemical containers, supplies, dental equipment, assistive devices, adjustable chairs and tables, needles, syringes, automatic instrument cleaner, associated sanitizing wraps and bags, medical/dental charts, copier/fax

Must be proficient in Windows OS and Microsoft Word


Basic understanding of computers, printers and other office equipment

Ability to focus and demonstrate great attention to detail

Ability to work cooperatively as a member of a team

Ability to perform bi-lateral upper extremity movements simultaneously in a highly repetitive, short cycle sequence and pace

Ability to comprehend, apply and follow set guidelines and procedures outlined by the governing body

Ability to adapt to a changing rotation of duties or responsibilities

Ability to work with co-workers in a direct relationship in order to accomplish the task assigned

Ability to adjust one’s coordination and activity to accommodate other’s activities

Ability to arrange instruments in a sequenced manner and identify the correct instrument or equipment necessary to complete a task

Ability to wear personal protective equipment (gloves and masks, etc.) and clothing as required by governing body

Ability to learn, comprehend, and apply complex principles and techniques, to make independent judgments, and to acquire knowledge of topics related to the position

Ability to record and deliver information in a professional and effective manner, both verbally and in writing

Position does require the ability to actively listen, comprehend information and present information in a manner that others would comprehend and that effectively conveys the information in a professional manner

Ability to smell is preferred

Position does require the ability to see details at close range

Physical Requirements

This position requires constant (5.5 to 8.0 hours in an 8- hour shift) standing and walking on a tile floor for a distance up to 120 feet. Position requires occasional (0 to 2.5 hours in an 8-hour shift) sitting in a padded, ergonomic, adjustable height chair/stool with rollers affixed to the bottom of the legs

Position is required to lift up to 60 pounds on an infrequent basis when participating in the school program; this weight can be assisted with additional manpower. Position is required to lift up to 10 pounds on a frequent (2.5 to 5.5 hours in an 8-hour shift) basis. All lifting and carrying is completed up to 50 feet

When assisting with the loading and moving of the outreach school program equipment, utilizing an assistive device, an initial force of up to 25 pounds of push/pull force is required, depending on the amount of weight loaded on to the assistive roll cart to initiate movement, however, 10 pounds of sustained force is required to maintain movement. This total body force is viewed as an infrequent physical activity. While performing the duties assigned, up to 8 pounds of lower extremity force may be required to operate foot controls for the adjustable chair. This activity is viewed as an infrequent activity in an 8- hour shift

In the course of the daily operations, the position may be required to maneuver the overhead lamp to the desired field of light for the dentist to view a specific area or angle, requiring up to 8 pounds of pull force to be exerted, this activity is completed at a height ranging from 54 inches above the floor to 75 inches above the floor and is estimated at up to 10 repetitions per patient

During the daily activities, this position is required to constantly (5.5 to 8.0 hours in an 8-hour shift) grip dental tools and equipment in a repetitive manner. The grip force required for these activities does not exceed 10 pounds of estimated grip force. The position may be required to utilize up to 40 pounds of grip force when extracting a tooth for a short period of time. The estimated frequency of this activity is up to 20 times per shift

One flight of standard stairs may be utilized in an emergency to exit the building. When participating in the outreach school program, position may have to climb standard stairs to gain entrance and to exit a building, again on an infrequent basis

Exam rooms are measured at 9 feet x 11 inches by 9 feet x 11 inches. The number of people in a room can reduce the workspace at one time however the workspace would not be considered as a confined workspace access. All work areas are open access and are not enclosed. No work area observed would be classified as a confined workspace access

Job does require repetitive bending at the waist level in a forward leaning position to 60 degrees. Job does require repetitive bi-lateral upper extremity postures at a mid- abdomen to shoulder level height while simultaneously maintaining a steady, coordinated posture

Position requires reaching up to 85 inches on an occasional (0 to 2.5 hours in an 8-hour shift) basis throughout the course of the workday. Frequent (2.5 to 5.5 hours in an 8- hour shift) reaching is required at a height of up to 30 to 34 inches (above floor level inches)

Position is required to periodically assume reaching postures to accommodate the size of the patient or the angle of entry that the dentist is attempting to obtain in the course of completing a procedure. Position does require the ability to maintain precise, coordinated hand and upper extremity positioning with bi-laterally coordinated upper extremity movements on a repetitive basis

Occupational Hazards

Exposure to body fluids including saliva and blood

Exposure to cleaning fluids, disinfecting fluids and chemicals required for machine operation

Exposure to needles and syringes

Exposure to radiation

Risk of exposure to infectious agents with the possibility of becoming ill

Organization Description: Knox County Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Knox County Government may provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Closing Date: 5/13/2024
Desired Starting Date:
Contact Name: Jennifer Robbins,  Dentist
Contact Location: 140 Dameron Avenue

Knoxville   TN  37917
United States
Contact Location: 140 Dameron Avenue
  Knoxville   TN  37917
  United States
Contact Phone: 18652155284 
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:
Web Address:
How to Apply: Please apply through employer website.

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